We provide a range of Food Supplements in powder format, containing microalgae species such as Neospirulina, Spirulina and Neochlorella. Moreover, we provide new natural cosmetics with microalgae extracts.

We are honoured to bring the aroma of ancient Persia to you from the heart of saffron district in Iran. We provide the premium quality Persian Saffron in East Asia. Our flawless harvested, hand-picked product is guaranteed by its quality, price and packaging.

we are closely collaborating with the world largest and leading manufacturers of high quality Nitrile and Latex Examination, Surgical, Vinyl, Household, and Industrial gloves in order to provide our clients with a very competitive price and efficient services.

Simurgh is the sole overseas sale of Tablokar’s products and electrical equipment provider from July 2016. Tablokar is producing electrical panel and is proud to work tirelessly over the years (from 1974) using updated facilities and technologies by capable and responsible personnel.

The Simurgh trading, your trustworthy partner, provides a wealth of experience in various markets. This, together with our sub-regional influence, brings complete satisfaction to our clients/partners who seek to do business. You may contact us at Hamta Business Solution.